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1. Replace gendered pronouns, e.g., he, him, his, and she, her, hers, by rewriting the text in the
Example: Each participant must present his ID badge at the door.
Revised: All participants must present their ID badges at the door.

2. Eliminate the pronoun altogether.
Example: Each employee is expected to turn in his annual disclosure form by the deadline.
Revised: Employees are expected to turn in the annual disclosure forms by the deadline.
Example: The incumbent is expected to edit a variety of documents. She must also prepare
weekly updates.
Revised: The incumbent is expected to edit a variety of documents and must also prepare a
weekly update.

3. Repeat the noun.
Example: The student must submit the course registration papers by July 1. Her guidance
counselor will send confirmation by mail.
Revised: The student must submit the course registration papers by July 1. The student's
guidance counsellor will send confirmation by mail.

4. Use the second person voice, i.e., address your reader directly, using you and your.
Example: The tenant must keep her apartment clean and tidy.
Revised: You must keep your apartment clean and tidy.

5. Use gender-neutral occupational titles and gender-neutral generic terms instead of the
generic term man, generic words, and expressions that contain the word man and the use of
man as an adjective or verb. Avoid expressions like career woman. Instead, be specific: artist,
director, doctor, professor, etc.

Слова, которые теперь нельзя употреблять в официальных принстонских бумагах:
actress, businessman/businesswoman, cameraman, mailman, policeman, alumna/alumnus/alumni/alumnae (на латынь покусились), average man, best man for the job, man and wife, man made и т.д.
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Анжелина Джоли будет преподавать в Лондонской школе экономики в качестве приглашенного профессора. Курс на тему сексуального насилия в зонах конфликтов.

Hollywood actress  Angelina Jolie is to join the London School of Economics as a visiting professor on a new masters course.
The LSE said the course will be run by its Centre for Women, Peace and Security, launched last year by Ms Jolie and Lord William Hague.


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