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 A small town in Hesse has removed a children's song about a fox stealing a goose from its repertoire of town hall bell melodies, after a vegan resident became quite upset.

The storybook town of Limburg an der Lahn in Hesse enjoys serenading its residents with melodies played by its town hall glockenspiel - an instrument made up of chimes, also called a carillon.

The tunes included the classic 19th century children’s song Fuchs, Du hast die Gans gestohlen - “Fox, you stole the Goose”. That is, it included the folk tune until a vegan woman complained.

The song describes a mischievous fox who steals a goose, and the singer warns the bushy-tailed creature that the hunter will now likely kill him.

Town spokesman Johannes Laubach said on Thursday that the tune reminded the woman of the song's lyrics, which tell the fox: “the hunter will get you with his gun”.

Настал черед детских песенок.  Сказкам и мифам народов мира приготовиться. 
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В Берлине в прошлом году было совершено 40,000 карманных краж. (3:22)
Воры из Северной Африки  могут "заработать" до 30000 евро в месяц!! (4:32) Занятие прибыльное, а риск минимальный.
Большинство пойманных и доставленных в полицию отпускают. (4:46)
Более половины воров и наркоторговцев в Дюссельдорфе - марокканцы  (5:53). Депортировать их крайне трудно.
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SPIEGEL: The German government's central message was, "We can handle this" and "there is no upper limit for asylum." Do you honestly believe that this wasn't a trigger that led people to come to Germany?

De Maizière: I do not want to be a part of any debates about the causes of the flight or enticement effects . Surely there were several.

SPIEGEL: Was the idea of a Willkommenskultur, or welcoming culture, for the refugees a mistake?

De Maizière: Asolutely not. We should be proud when refugees say that the German border official was the first polite police officer they had ever encountered in their life. Of course you could say that even that could be an enticement to come. It has to be self-evident that we seek to provide people with decent accommodations. The personal experiences that are shared using smartphones play a considerable role in the fact that so many people want to come to us.

SPIEGEL: Are we currently experiencing the most serious crisis yet in Angela Merkel's time as chancellor?

De Maizière: That is something for the historians to determine at some point. Clearly it is a major challenge. But not just for the chancellor. For everyone.

SPIEGEL: Let's put the question another way: Is the crisis so major that it could cause Merkel to fall?

De Maizière: We would be doing ourselves all a favor if we were to refocus on finding a solution to the challenges instead of stirring up political passions.

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Немецкий пилот, который намеренно угробил  самолет с пассажирами в марте, за последние 5 лет обращался к 41 врачу, в том числе к семи в течение месяца, предшествующего катастрофе.  Прокурор Марселя сообщил, что у пилота была тяжелая депрессия, психоз и проблемы со зрением и со сном.
А врачи ничего не сообщили работодателю, потому что закон такой.


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