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В пятницу, 25 сентября, австрийский парламент квалифицированным большинством проголосовал за конституц. реформу, каковая позволяет государству обязывать любые населенные пункты страны принимать мигрантов, число которых может доходить до 1.5% от местного населения.

Дровишки из бельгийской газеты 'Le Soir'
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Austria says it expects at least 10,000 migrants to arrive on Saturday, amid bitter rows among EU nations on how to handle the growing crisis.

The migrants were initially sent into Hungary by Croatia, which said it was unable to cope with the 20,000 who had arrived since Wednesday.
Hungary in turn shipped them on to Austria, accusing Croatia of breaking rules by failing to register migrants.
However, some told the BBC that Hungary had not registered them either.

On Saturday Austrian police said about 9,000 people had crossed the border from Hungary since midnight, about 5,000 at Heiligenkreuz, near the city of Graz, and 4,000 at Nickelsdorf near Vienna.
Austrian Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner accused neighbouring countries of failing to follow EU rules, expressing concern that migrants were also arriving from Croatia via Slovenia.

Croatia has seen 20,000 migrants entering from Serbia since Wednesday and after initially welcoming them said it was unable to cope and moved them on.
Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic admitted there was no agreement with Hungary.
"We forced them, by sending people up there. And we'll keep doing it," he said.

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto branded Mr Milanovic "pathetic", adding: "Instead of honestly making provision for the immigrants, it sent them straight to Hungary. What kind of European solidarity is this?"
A Hungarian government spokesman said that although it was policy to register migrants, they could not be forced to do so.
While Hungary continues to transport migrants arriving from Croatia, it is building a razor-wire fence on the border that will be completed soon.

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Немецкий министр внутренних дел Де Мезьер хочет устрожить закон о предоставлении убежища, отсылая мигрантов в то место, где они вступили на землю ЕС, а также уменьшить размер некоторых пособий.
В воскресенье он уже предупреждал, что Германия больше не хочет, чтобы беженцы могли выбирать себе европейскую страну, где они предпочитают поселиться.


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