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 С этим Трампом на все остальное не обращают внимания.
А между тем кандидат на франц. президентское кресло, которому  еще недавно пророчили победу, оказался в центре скандала. Давеча Фийона (кандидат от правых) с женой допрашивали 5 часов. Она якобы на него работала, когда он был сенатором , и получила 900 тысяч евро. Мало того, и деткам на мороженое перепало 84000.   (на франц. яз.)
В газете задан вопрос " убеждает ли вас то, как Фийон защищается от обвинений". 
Да  - 12.6%
Нет - 87.4%

Предвыборная картина сильно  изменилась. 
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В New York Times статья о том, как в Чикаго соседи Обамы продают свой дом.

А вот тут 

Only one thing is missing: any unpleasantness about the controversial parcel on the other side of the Obama house. It appears prominently in the picture and made national news during the presidential election, but the Times skips that entirely. That parcel is the infamous “Rezko lot.”

Tony Rezko, an early fundraiser for Barack Obama before he became a fixer and fundraiser for Governor Rod Blagojevich, bought the garden lot on the same day the Obamas purchased their house and from the same owners. Somehow, the canny Rezko paid full price. The Obamas received a significant discount.

Although Rezko purchased his vacant lot during a real-estate boom, he made no effort to develop it or sell it to someone who would. Instead, he left the Obamas with a bucolic side yard, while he paid the mortgage and the taxes. But Rezko went one step further. When the Obamas wanted to expand their land a little, Tony sold them a small slice of his parcel, something that is virtually unheard of in that neighborhood.


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